ATM Route Ownership Process


1) Download our Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF) and complete.

2) Save a copy for your records.

3) Email a picture of your photo ID with a copy of this completed agreement to along with a phone number to contact you and any initial questions/comments you have. In the subject line of the email write the location of the route you are interested in.

4) We will review your application and contact you to have a “meeting of the minds” in order to make sure this will be an appropriate partnership for everyone involved.


Once proof of funds are confirmed, you will be given ATM locations to review and confirm. You are now responsible for due diligence of surveying these locations and making sure that the correct machines match the route. You are not allowed any formal contact or solicitation with the store owner during this time.


1) We will send custom Purchase Agreement (PDF) to complete.

2) Download our ACH Form (PDF) and complete.

3) Save a copy for your records.

4) Email ACH Form to

5) Await official access codes from ATMROUTESFORSALE.

6) Begin servicing ATM locations. We will provide customer support as needed to insure successful route on-boarding process.